Building a livable, walkable city means creating a mix of neighborhood amenities, like the spectacular Barracks Row, within minutes of your home.

Since joining the D.C. Council, Tommy has won support throughout Washington for his fundamental goal: creating a livable and walkable city for all. He brings the skill to forge the kind of collaboration that translates great ideas into real improvements. Whether bringing Ward 6 residents back to their neighborhood schools or creating the next generation of public transportation, Tommy works with the leadership and communities in every corner of Ward 6 — from the Southwest Waterfront to the H Street Corridor, from Shaw to Capitol Hill — to guide development that focuses on neighborhood needs.

Latest News

July 1, 2013 Wells Statement on ID Equality in the District

(Washington, D.C.) - Today, Councilmember Tommy Wells released a statement in support of ID equality legislation. Tomorrow, Bill 20-61, the Non-Driver's Identification Card/Driver's Licensed Amendment Act of 2013 will be voted on by the Committee on Transportation and Environment.

"It is time for DC to expand equal access to driver's licenses to all our residents regardless of their immigration status. DC has always been on the frontlines in the fight against discrimination and we should not stand for the creation of a two-tiered licensing system. One equal and unified license and ID for all DC residents will improve public safety, facilitate economic participation, and strengthen our communities," stated Councilmember Wells.

There are several local and national organizations that voiced their support for a single license and equal identification process in the District including: DC Coalition for Immigrants Rights, DreamActivist DC, AFL-CIO, American Civil Liberties Union, Service Employees International Union, Trabajadores Unidos de DC (Workers United of DC), and DC Latino Caucus.

Councilmember Wells announced his support for ID equality on ABC's News Talk with Bruce DePuyt.

June 28, 2013 Councilmember Wells to Launch Eastern Market Metro Park Community Input Effort

(Washington, D.C.) - On Monday, July 8, Councilmember Tommy Wells will launch a "Community Input Effort" to draw out ideas, suggestions and support for the beautification of the Eastern Market Metro Park & Plaza.  The Community Input Effort will include two public input sessions at the Hill Center, and for those unable to attend the meetings a public display and suggestion drop box will be posted in the North Hall of Eastern Market, at 225 7th St SE. 

WHAT: Public Meetings for Community Input on Eastern Market Metro Park/Plaza

WHEN: Monday, July 8, 7-9PM and Saturday, July 13, 10AM-12PM

WHERE: The Hill Center - 921 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE; Lincoln Room

WHO: All are welcome to participate in the meetings and are encouraged to submit ideas for the park and plaza beautification. 

Comments and suggestions will be collected and made available on the project's website -- -- which will go-live in mid-July

June 28, 2013 Wells Releases FEMS Redeployment Disapproval Report

Wells' to Hold Committee Markup on Key Public Safety Legislation

(Washington, D.C.) - Today, Councilmember Tommy Wells, Chairman of the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety released a 29 page report detailing the Ambulance Redeployment Disapproval Resolution of 2013. The report was released in advance of a Committee markup on the disapproval resolution and several other important pieces of legislation.

Councilmember Wells said, "After a number of high-profile incidents involving ambulance availability, the District's confidence in the emergency medical services capacity of the Department has been severely undermined. I do not take lightly the decision to disapprove of the redeployment plan; but, I do not believe that the Department is equipped--with adequate information or resources--to execute the proposed plan."

"I feel strongly given the facts laid out in this report that we should not be reducing staff or equipment at any point. However, the Committee does find that there is no barrier for FEMS to increase the deployment of ambulances and certified paramedic coverage during a 24 hour day within the approved funding."

Click here for a copy of the full report: PR 20-160 FEMS Committee Report_June 28.pdf

WHAT: Judiciary and Public Safety Committee Markup Including Bills Detailed Below

WHEN: TODAY, Friday, June 28, 2:00PM
WHERE: John A. Wilson Building - 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW - Room 123
WATCH: Live online video stream will be available here:

B 20-143 Personal Property Robbery Prevention Amendment Act of 2013

Robberies too often involve violent acts, which can have devastating impacts.   After a steep decline in violent crime, recently the District has seen an increase in crime directly related to personal property. The intent of this bill is to reduce crime by eliminating the resale market for stolen property - stopping businesses from buying and selling stolen goods.

Click here to see the committee report: B20-143 Committee Report_June 28 draft.pdf

PR 20-160 FEMS Ambulance Redeployment Disapproval Resolution of 2013

The Committee does not take lightly the decision to disapprove of the redeployment plan submitted by the Department. Committee Chair Wells has publicly questioned whether the Council should be involved in the approval/disapproval of this process. However, as the law currently dictates that such major change as proposed by PR 20-160 be approved by the Council before it can be implemented, the Committee takes seriously its charge to consider the implications of this change on public safety. As noted repeatedly throughout this report, the Committee does not believe that the Department is equipped--with adequate information or resources--to execute the proposed plan.

Click here to see the committee report: PR 20-160 FEMS Committee Report_June 28.pdf

B 20-134 Elected Attorney General Implementation Amendment Act of 2013

In 2012, District voters supported an independent, elected attorney general's office 3-to-1 at the polls. Bill 20-134, proposed by the Mayor, would return legal services in the District government to a system known by experience to be broken. The Committee will stand by District voters in supporting an end to the status quo, in favor of the transparency and accountability in an elected attorney general.

Click here to see the committee report: B20-134 Elected AG committee report_June 27 draft.pdf

June 27, 2013 Wells Holds Roundtable on Crowell & Moring - HRW Report

(Washington, D.C.) - Today, Councilmember Tommy Wells, Chairman of the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety is holding a roundtable to receive and discuss the results and recommendations of Crowell & Moring, LLP on its pro bono review of the Human Rights Watch report entitled "Capitol Offense: Police Mishandling of Sexual Assault Cases in the District of Columbia." A copy of Crowell & Moring LLP's analysis is available here.

"The scathing allegations in the Human Rights Watch report could not be taken lightly - our residents must have confidence that the police will treat them respectfully and investigate their reports of sexual assault thoroughly. I am grateful that Crowell & Moring accepted my challenge to tackle this pro bono analysis of the report," said Wells. "The analysis reflects that MPD had in fact investigated 170 sexual assault cases. It also shows that while there were flaws in the report, it has been a catalyst for positive change. I applaud Chief Lanier for already implementing of many of the Human Rights Watch report's suggestions."

The Human Rights Watch report, issued in January of this year, was an indictment of MPD's handling of sexual assault reporting and investigations.  On behalf of the Committee on the Judiciary and Public Safety, Councilmember Wells reached out to the esteemed law firm of Crowell & Moring, and asked them to provide pro bono assistance to the Committee.  Wells requested the firm analyze the Human Rights Watch report and advise the Committee on steps it might take in response, including possible legislative, policy, and oversight recommendations.

No public testimony is being received at the roundtable today; however, the Committee intends to discuss the legislative recommendations with advocates and other stakeholders. Once legislation is introduced, a public hearing will be held to discuss the bill, its need, and its potential impacts.

June 26, 2013 Tommy Wells Statement on SCOTUS Rulings on Marriage Equality and Equal Rights for All Residents

(Washington, D.C.) - Today, Councilmember Tommy Wells released the following statement in response to the Supreme Court ruling on two decisions related to marriage equality:

"I was very proud to cast my vote for marriage equality in the District. Expanding full rights for all our residents was something I had long supported and stood for. But it was California's Proposition 8 that taught me the real lesson of what it means to be an ally, how straight allies must not only support, but must show up and stand up for our GLBTQ friends, families, and neighbors. Today's decision by the Supreme Court only reaffirms that role and responsibility that I, and so many others, have to the GLBTQ community."

Today, Councilmember Wells will take another step in advancing marriage equity in the District. Wells is moving the "Marriage Officiant Amendment Act of 2013" through an important legislative first reading before the Council. The bill, which is strongly supported by the District's GLBTQ community, modernizes the District's laws to provide greater options for couples entering a marriage to choose the person they wish to perform and solemnize their marriage. The bill unanimously passed the Judiciary and Public Safety Committee Chaired by Wells and has support from the District's Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance and the American Civil Liberties Union of the Nation's Capital.

"Despite the tremendous strides the District has made with marriage equality, the choice between a religious ceremony and a Court House judgment still leaves many residents on the outside of equal access to marriage. The Marriage Officiant bill will keep the District at the forefront on marriage equality," Wells stated.